Succulents are some of the toughest survivors in the plant kingdom and therefore are great for those serial plant killers and Australia’s harsh, summer weather. Plus, they can have an extremely unique aesthetic. ‘Succulent’ comes from the Latin term ‘Sucus’ for juice or sap.

They have thick and fleshy leaves, stems and roots that efficiently store water which is how they endure hot, dry climates and poor soils. Succulents cover a broad range of plants, and they came in various shapes and sizes. Given their toughness and hardiness, succulents are an easy enough plant to include in your indoor or outdoor space, however, it wouldn’t hurt to have some handy tips and tricks to ensure you get to enjoy your succulents at their very best.

In addition to these benefits, they look great, and some have spectacular flowers. Until you develop your green thumb, here is how to care for your succulent and reap the satisfaction of having a humble, modest plant thriving in your home office, bedroom or living room.

Read more about how to look after succulents in the latest edition of Be Inspired.

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